Alamo Community College Articulation Agreements

The following page contains links to joint/joint admissions agreements and degree transfer plans; as well as transfer information for many universities and higher education institutions. College for All Texans: For information on all universities and major schools: universities by state. Are you looking for an online program? Guide to Online Schools is a useful tool for finding schools based on diploma, teaching, referral rate and military benefits, among important attributes. – Most majors MAPs at Baylor Bound have a 1-3-year plan, which means a student would take 1 year of classes at Community College and 3 years at Baylor. However, some students may be approved by the advisor to follow an annual plan of 2/2 at the end of the first year, depending on the major chosen and the number of hours of transfer or credit after the exam hours completed before enrollment at Baylor Bound. When students pass between two participating Texas Common Course Numbering System institutions, a course is transferred to the issuing institution as a course with the same TCCNS designation at the receiving university. For example, ENGL 1301 at San Antonio College, may be presented differently at a university where they list it as WRC 1013. Compare institutional course numbers using the Common Course Matrix. For Texas colleges and universities that are not listed below, you can find additional information on transfers on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or on the website of each university, especially for non-governmental universities. Meet with an advisor for more specific transmission information. These local universities and universities work together to provide guided pathways for students who are in a program of study. The South and Central Texas Transfer Compact includes: Transfer articulation guides are prepared to help you sign up for courses that are transferred to UIW and apply for your degree.

The guides prepared are for the junior/community colleges of Alamo colleges, of which we regularly receive a large number of transfer students. In the list below, select the studies you want to follow; Each document contains guidelines for each of the five campuses in the Alamo College district. The five colleges in the Alamo University District have teamed up to create a guided route model for universities and universities in the San Antonio/Austin area. Texas A-M University, Commerce TX Transfer Admissions Course EquivalenciesTransfer ScholarshipsProgram for Transfer AdmissionProspective Student Center in San Antonio Transfer Advising Guides were created by Alamo Colleges to guide students on courses they can take before the transfer. Please read the university-specific guidance manuals for an overview of course recommendations, program requirements and instructions on when to advise you to transfer. Other consulting manuals are established every semester, see the transfer program of the transfer institution below if you can`t find your specific program in the guides. . Stephen F.

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