Osa Union Contract Agreement

We are pleased to welcome our new General Counsel Steven Star and Vice President of Dispute Resolution Monu Singh to our staff! Steven Star moved from the law firm of Meyer, Suozzi, English and Klein to OCB, where he was a partner for public and private sector unions. Monu Singh was previously Director of Laboratory Relations for MTA- Long Island Rail Road. You can find out more about it under the tab On the site. Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) – An independent office that over-decides, certifies union representation and provides dispute resolution services between New York City and its insured agencies and staff. Decisions are made by the Certification Committee and the Collective Bargaining Council. several certification agencies 3-88. The Union Board unanimously submitted that HHC had violated nycBL (a), (a), (a) (c) and c) (4) by failing to respond to the Union`s request for information on the use of temporary workers. HHC submits that it has followed and continues to follow the request for information and that it refrains from disclosing certain information under the confidentiality agreements it has signed. The Commission found that HHC violated NYCCBL by not immediately providing the requested information. That is why the prohibited practice petition was accepted.

From the newest worker to the most experienced worker, we learn from each other and work together to make our union stronger. Local 1180 is the backbone that helps our members develop their careers. If we are one thing, we have the strength to fight for what is important: fair and decent wages, good performance, safe working conditions and stronger communities. Longevity of 10, 15 and 20 years: the following rules govern the merits of workers for… (this one) Agreement (and apply to all three longevity supplements): only the service in salary status is used for calculating years of service (lifespan), with the exception of the fact that for other full-time workers per year, only one year of continuous service in salary status is used for calculating years of service (lifespan). A year of continuous service is a full year of service without a break of more than 31 days. If the normal and usual working year of a title is less than twelve months, for example. B a school year, this normal and usual year is counted as a year of continuous service for years of service (lifespan). If a worker`s normal year of work is less than the normal and normal year for the worker`s title, it is considered a year of continuous service when the worker has normally worked during the working year and the relevant agency verifies this information. Salary status service before service interruptions of more than one year should not be used to calculate years of service (lifespan).

If a worker has less than seven years of continuous service in salary status, service interruptions of less than one year are aggregated.

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