Referral Agreement Non Circumvention

This language obliges all companies related to the recipient and the publishing party to the terms set out in this agreement. This prevents a possible “escape.” 11. Final agreement. To the extent that and until a final written agreement has been executed and delivered between the recipient and the public party with respect to the potential transaction, neither the recipient nor the public party is subject to any legal obligation regarding the potential transaction resulting from that transaction or another written or oral statement by them or their representatives. , except in the case of this agreement, for the issues that have made the explicit agreement in this regard. This non-circumvention agreement is based on the provisions of our existing introductory agreement, with new comprehensive non-circumvention provisions. This agreement was not established in accordance with FSA or Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 rules and therefore undertakes neither to comply with or comply with it. This agreement is therefore unsuitable for the introduction of clients for financial services such as insurance products or investment advice. In addition to the standard “privacy language,” this document also contains (a) non-circumvention and (b) respect for the identity of the parties. This provision allows the dividing party to seek an injunction to prevent or prevent the recipient from disclosing or using confidential information in violation of this agreement. As an introductory agreement, this proposal works in situations where a party wishes to enter into a contract with a new customer, perhaps in a new market or region.

This client does not need to be known at first sight of the game. The introductor can find and introduce this client or, if the customer is already known, simply present it. This document aims to establish a common business relationship and is intended to be used in situations where a number of separate transactions between a party (e.g. B a supplier) and a customer are ultimately a common business relationship (the number of transactions can be determined as part of the agreement). A percentage of the final contract price for each transaction is paid to the importer with a final fixed amount (agreed between the contracting parties) to be paid as soon as the current business relationship is established. Once the relationship is established, the importer`s work is terminated and its participation in other transactions ceases. 3. Non-disclosure of confidential information. The recipient uses confidential information only for the purpose of evaluating the potential transaction. The recipient undertakes to maintain confidential information in trust and trust for a period of three (3) years from the date of execution. The recipient does everything in its power to keep confidential information confidential and does not transmit any of the confidential information to another person, provided that the recipient can provide confidential information to the recipient`s representatives who must know it for the purposes of evaluating the potential transaction and who agree to keep it confidential.

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