Tu Housing Agreement

Accommodation in Eindhoven for expatriates is mainly offered by commercial housing companies. These agencies offer accommodation through their websites. There is no waiting list. If you see accommodation of interest on the accommodation provider`s website, you can contact the agency. Commercial housing companies offer accommodation ranging from student residence to luxury real estate. The case can be fully furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished. Due to Covid-19, there are some cancellations. Please contact the contactcentre-esa@tudelft.nl team. Another option is to check the following websites, which www.room.nl, www.4fbeheer.nl/houses/6682/Aan-het-Verlaat-Delft or www.xior.nl/nl/stad/delft. Starting March 5, click here for the real TIME apartment. The payment of the residential bond does not guarantee residential occupancy. “For this agreement to work, TU and MEDCO – TU`s share, which is primarily funded by latent spending and other non-solvency payments – will allocate the expected operating deficit of $2.3 million to help students and families,” the university said. Towson University has agreed with Aspen Heights, a new off-campus residential building, to provide additional near-campus housing for students in the coming academic year.

Complete the online housing application by doing these steps: if you pay the deposit and don`t live on campus, the deposit will be credited to your study account. If you would like this deposit to be refunded, complete the online retraction form for the upcoming academic year (in accordance with the termination plan in the housing license). TU/e has booked a number of accommodations for students in exchange with Vestide and Friendly Housing. It is not possible to apply for accommodation at a particular housing agency. You can`t see your room before. However, if you have any questions about the room you have been offered, you can contact the International Relations Office. Exchange students are offered accommodation with community institutions. This means you have a private room, but you share the bathroom and kitchen with other students. In the Netherlands, it is customary for boys and girls to live together in a student house. There is no separate housing for boys or girls.

Please note that you must pay the full rent for the semester when booking in advance. Students who take part in their junior and senior studies will have accommodation as long as they lived on campus the previous year. We assume that several hundred places will be offered to students who have expressed an interest in staying in on-campus housing that posts the $250 deposit. The Office of University Housing and Residential Life will provide regular updates on the housing selection process and the availability of additional housing for upper-class students throughout the process. The design of the accommodation is your responsibility. We recommend that you arrange your accommodation about 2 months before your arrival.

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