Master Service Agreement Template Marketing

The first section of the MSA could indicate that this is the declaration of work between the service provider and the client. In order to avoid miscommunication, the client appoints a single representative with the full authority to provide or maintain all necessary information and authorizations that may be required by the Agency (the “customer representative”). The client`s representative is responsible for coordinating and verifying the Agency`s services and notifying the Agency of instructions, modifications and authorizations. The signature or e-mail authorization of the client`s representative is final and mandatory for the client. If the client or authorized person, after the agreement of a project, changes the scope of the work or requests additional services, the Client must bear all costs and expenses arising from these additional modifications and services, as shown in section 1 above. This may not be the case for all service providers, but in the case of IMPACT, we will often consult on team training, group workshops and on-site film productions with clients, so we explain in our MSA how these costs are treated. Although a master service contract model has many general provisions for MSA agreements, information specific to each transaction must be added. (d) If the client wishes to use one of the works, whether accepted or refused by the customer, for marketing campaigns, promotions, products, services, advertising or other purposes outside the scope of this agreement, the client will charge the Agency for design, creation, development, marketing and other such activities. The client may request or charge a third party for the completion of this work if and only if the Agency objects and if that third party is recruited on terms that are in no way more advantageous than those offered in the first place to the Agency. The client agrees to cooperate with the company by being available for project checks, answering phone calls and returning calls and emails if necessary. The client is committed to providing all the information and materials the company needs in a timely manner to enable them to provide the services mentioned in the SOW and to complete the project in a timely manner. The client recognizes his obligation to verify in a timely manner the materials and services provided by the Company, in order to avoid the effects of the project`s delivery time. This is a standard MSA that favours the agency that provides digital advertising services to a customer.

The MSA is a general set of general conditions governing more specific projects (work schedules) over a period of time. By reading or downloading this document, you understand that Fridman Law Group PLLC does not provide you with legal advice or participate in any form of business application.

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