Service Level Agreement For Fleet Management

Before preparing for ALS, fleet management must have an ALS with the mechanical service provider for maintenance and response times plans for outages. Establish a valuable business relationshipIf your fleet provider does not maintain the relationship, take your business elsewhere. This expectation should be part of your advance communication. If your fleet provider saves you money, you are able to buy in more of its programs. A supplier`s best seller is what he or she is doing for you. Most fleet managers have networked contacts in the fleet industry. Word of mouth through a fleet supplier will certainly come, especially at fleet meetings such as the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) and the Automotive Fleet-Leasing Association (AFLA) conferences. Standards and performance should be reviewed quarterly and, where appropriate, due to changing needs or circumstances, service standards will be adapted to new expectations. This ensures that the customer and supplier constantly check their performance.

Continuously check the actual historical data. A systematic discussion with your fleet service provider contributes to the use of objective information to determine the best way to improve the reliability of services. A master leasing contract is a mandatory contract. However, a “Major Force” clause should be included in the treaty. This is a standard clause in almost all types of legal contracts that stipulates that the lessor cannot be held responsible for events beyond its control. It is essential to describe in the most detailed way possible how the different common situations are dealt with by both parties. Don`t be afraid to set concrete goals for holding your fleet service provider to account. Make a result clear. The involvement of the staff concerned is particularly important when purchasing replacement and construction facilities, in order to ensure the adequacy of the necessary installation and the ownership of the decision by the customer. It is also a risk management strategy. David Fern has more than 15 years of experience in fleet management.

He currently works as an audit consultant for Resources Global Professionals and can be reached at The agreement between fleet management and its customers must be based on a common understanding of relationships, responsibilities, performance measurement and dispute resolution process.

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