Learning Agreement Htw Dresden

The Studentenwerk Dresden is responsible for the Studentenwerk Dresden. It offers a wide choice of accommodation for students. Students can choose between small apartments for individuals, large apartments for student families and many single and double rooms in shared accommodation. Students must apply for accommodation through an online application procedure. www.studentenwerk-dresden.de/english/wohnen/antrag.html agreements between partner institutions under the Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA) and the Agreement on Learning (LA) at certain language levels should therefore not be concluded or confused with online tests. These language skills must be supported by other certificates when choosing participants. A cooperation agreement with the Leonhardo Saxe office at the TU Dresden also allows students of the Hochschule für Musik Dresden to do an internship abroad in Europe via the Erasmus+ programme. For more information about the internship, click here: www.leo.tu-dresden.de More information is available on the website of HTW Dresden (www.htw-dresden.de). Cursos en inglés (para intercambio solo aplica la oferta para bachillerato): apps.htw-dresden.de/en/app-modulux/frontend/modules/?no_cache=1 para Administración www.htw-dresden.de/en/wiwi/courses-of-study/incoming-outgoing/incoming-students.html The European Commission offers an online language test. This must be done in the working language for all students/graduates, both after the selection/before the start of the mobility and after the end of the stay.

However, this is not a selection criterion for support under the Erasmus+ programme and does not apply to native speakers. After selecting Erasmus+ participants, the language test will serve as a classification test to document their current language level. In order to obtain comparable results and to record the possible progress of the assisted participants in language learning, it should take place both before their stay abroad and at the end of their stay abroad. The systematic review at European level of the development of individual language skills makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of Erasmus+. In addition, HTW Dresden has several research institutes: Center for Applied Research and Technology (ZAFT) The Center for Applied Research and Technology e.V. V. (ZAFT) supports research activities in close collaboration with HTW Dresden, in particular with regard to interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects. It was established on February 1, 1998 and includes students and partners from research and industry. Research Institute Intelligent Interactive Technical Systems (FIITS) The Research Institute Intelligent Interactive Technical Systems (FIITS) is a scientific body of the Faculty of Computer Science/Mathematics. The main objective is to promote young scientists in the framework of research and doctoral projects. .

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