As lead artist on System Shock it was/is my job to
– Develop pipelines for all art disciplines save Audio and Animation
– Define and manage scope
– Staff art department
– Manage day to day tasks
– Troubleshoot development hurdles
– Create environment, character and FX assets to production quality
– Define level of fidelity across all assets in the game

All art created as visual development tests for System Shock reboot. First 2 images (all assets, lighting and fx created by me) Final imageĀ and video created with Nightdive team in a series production dev sprints managed by myself and art directed by Robb Waters.

Credits include:

Project director – Jason Fader
Art director -Robb Waters
Concept art – Robb Waters and Robert Simon
Environment- Josh Powers, Justin Kenneally and I
FX – Myself
Character art/player – Myself (Mutant based off model from Systemshock demo by Jonah Lobe)
Animation – Maxime Lebled and Nate Horsfall
Engineering – Matt Kenneally and Henry Cooney
Level Design – James Henley
Audio – The great Jon Peros
Editing – Mark Dusk

SS_Visdev1 SS_Visdev2 SS_Visdev3