Kevin Manning
A Freelance 2d/3d artist working in the game development and advertising industry.

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System Shock : 2016-2018 : Remote Art Lead / Art Director

System Shock was an interesting project for me on a lot of levels. Though it wasn’t my first time as lead on a remote project it was the first where the entire team was remote and I was responsible for all disciplines under art. About halfway though my time on the project I was promoted to Art Director and we began fresh. Overall it was a very worthwhile experience for me, I loved the art team and we produced some amazing work not only visually but productively. We developed pipelines, based on milestones and schedules provided by upper management, that allowed our artists to produce an insane amount of work in a very short period of time. The project changed a lot and the art team rarely missed a beat.  The first few images posted here show the progression of the art style while I was on the project. The last one represents the changes made when I was promoted to Art Director.

After taking on the role of art director we took some huge leaps forward. No longer experimenting with style and establishing a solid pipelines our small team began to bring Citadel Station to life. I couldn’t be more proud and inspired by our art team on this project. Everyone  truly brought their best to the table everyday and produced a volume of quality work that competes with the best out there.

Below are images of concept art and 3d that were “in development”. We didn’t get a chance to add a dirt/gore/clutter/wire pass to most of the environment pieces and they served as the “Bones” of the station for level design. I am deeply saddened we will never get the chance to finish these but at least, in the end, the team gets to showcase their amazing work. 


Art Team Credits

  • Kevin Manning : Art Direction
  • Jon Peros : Audio
  • Mark Dusk : Graphic Artist
  • Robert Simon : Environment Concept Art
  • Cody Williams : Weapon and Environment Concept Art
  • Jens Fiedler : Character Concept art
  • James Garcia : Lead 3d Environment artist
  • Josh Powers : Senior 3d Environment/weapon artist
  • Chris Mansell : Tech art / Animation
  • Nate Horsfall : Animation